Who We Are

   가족"같은" 분위기가 아닌 가족입니다. 2년이라는 시간을 함께 먹고 자고 공부하고 경쟁하고 오해하고 이해하고 결국 사랑하게 되어 계속 보고싶게 되는 가족입니다.
   선생님과 제자사이 입니다. 그리고 친구입니다. 미 지의 세계로 보내버리고 다시 안 보는 관계가 아닌, 입학까지 손잡아 주고 빛나는 성공을 이루어내는 졸업, 취업, 그리고 홀로서기까지 늘 연결고리로 꽁꽁매어진 가족입니다. 
   가족"같은" 분위기가 아닌 가족이기 때문에 가족밖에 해줄 수 없는 일을 합니다. 타이르고 다그치고 훈계하더라도 결국 올바른 길로 가도록 해야 한다는 책임감과 학생 한명 한명을 향한 애정 때문입니다.
    인생의 무대를 바꾸고 목표를 재설정하고 인생관이 달라지는 이 놀라운 여정을 통해 만나게 될 새로운 가족을 늘 설레는 마음으로 기대합니다.

                                               - CC2UC 가족 일동 - 
     We don't simply say "We are family." We act like it. We spend 2 years doing everything together: we eat, study, and live together, and we directly experience all of your successes and failures.
     By the end of the your time here, we hope that we all understand and love one another. Because we don't want it to end there. For us, it's not just teaching, it's building a foundation for a better life, including the life lessons, scolding, and constant encouragement you might expect from your parents. 
     If it wasn't for this philosophy, we never would have explored the alternative options that created our programs today.
  Originally, our expertise lay in the transfer process between community colleges (CC) and the University of California (UC) system. But along came a struggling high school (HI) student we couldn't refuse - HI2UC was born as we discovered how to help him succeed.
      Were we to have a motto, it would probably be "why stop there?" So we didn't. Our HI2College program offers transfer to many private universities in California and beyond, as well as entrance into the California State University (CSU) system.
     Regardless of the evolution of our programs, our commitment remains to help you clarify your plans, goals, and philosophy in life. Your growth is our inspiration, which is why when you choose to join us, you should expect to become part of our family.

                                        - CC2UC –

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